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Games I've worked on


Titanfall was a smash hit from Respawn Entertainment. The game also notably used Microsoft Azure technology as a backbone to its development.


RWBY:Grimm Eclipse

This is Rooster Teeth's prized IP. An amazing beat'em up adventure staring the women from the hit anime RWBY.

rwby 32154871211_80526e85ac_o.webp

Honest Dollar

by: Goldman Sachs

An application built around helping people save more and retire comfortably.



Diverse Hiring 101

An important discussion about how companies can improve the diversity of their team.

Community During a Pandemic

Building a community is more important in this time where so many are alone.

Perception vs Reality

A story about personal growth in my relationship with my team members and how we can improve them.

IGDA: Production Leadership in the games industry

A sit down with producers in the games industry discussing tactics and skills on being better leaders for the teams.

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